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 Trimble Utilities

Trimble GPS Configurator (all versions)

Trimble GPS Configurator The GPS Configurator™ software lets you configure a survey-grade Trimble GPS receiver (e.g. 5700/R7) connected to your desktop or laptop computer running the Windows operating system. You can use the GPS Configurator s... Read More

Trimble R-Utilities

Trimble R-Utilities No longer supported by Trimble. Trimble R-Utilities is a group of programs that permit remote control of certain Trimble GPS receivers. R-Utilities provide receiver configuration capability via direct serial, phone modem, and... Read More

Trimble Remote Controller v2.21

The attached executable runs Trimble's Remote Controller v2.21. This software provides virtual access to all functions on 4700, 4800, 4000, 4400, 7400 and MS 750 GPS receivers and allows 4700 users to configure 1 PPS/Event Marker. For more... Read More

Trimble TRIM4000 Download Software for DOS

The attached executable runs the Trimble TRIM4000 software program from a DOS prompt.  The software can be used to download a Trimble 4000 SSi/SSE. For instructions on using TRIM4000, see How to download using TRIM4000 for DOS. Read More

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