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Can deleted files on a NetRS be recovered?

Can deleted files on a NetRS be recovered using the receiver's web interface or programmatic interface? No. Deleting files on a NetRS is equivalent to using the "rm" command in Linux and requires using a Linux program like "ext3grep". This requires... Read More

What are UNAVCO policies regarding data?

What are UNAVCO policies regarding data? All GNSS data collected on NSF-EAR funded projects must be submitted to  the UNAVCO Archive for long term preservation. Data distribution policy  includes free availability of all permanent station... Read More

What is a GSAC?

What is a GSAC? The GPS Seamless Archive Centers are a collection of GPS data archives and their operating agencies, such as UNAVCO, who agree to exchange information about data holdings in order that users need not contact each archive separately to... Read More

What is NTRIP?

What is NTRIP? "Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol," or NTRIP, is a protocol developed by the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy of Germany (BKG) that enables streaming of DGPS or RTK correction data via the internet. There... Read More

What is TEQC?

What is TEQC? TEQC is a software tool kit developed by UNAVCO for translating, editing and quality-checking GNSS data, including GPS, GLONASS and related augmentation data. More information about TEQC, including documentation, numerous examples and... Read More

What is the UNAVCO Archive?

What is the UNAVCO Archive? UNAVCO operates a community Archive, which provides long-term secure storage and easy retrieval of GNSS data, strain data, various derived products and related metadata. The Archive primarily stores high-precision geodetic... Read More


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