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What are UNAVCO policies regarding data?

What are UNAVCO policies regarding data?

All GNSS data collected on NSF-EAR funded projects must be submitted to  the UNAVCO Archive for long term preservation. Data distribution policy  includes free availability of all permanent station data and two year  exclusive availability for proprietary project data. Details about  UNAVCO’s data policies can be found here and are as stated below:

UNAVCO Data Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors on 22 June 2003.


All data, whether from continuous or campaign stations, must be  archived at a UNAVCO GSAC site (see Appendix) as soon as possible, and  within six months of data collection at the latest.


Data providers are responsible for insuring that GPS data files for  their stations include provider and sponsoring agency information in  the headers, or in associated logs or other documentation.


  • Continuous stations:  Data will be made publicly accessible as soon as it is placed in the archive.

  • Campaign data: Data from campaign sites will be made publicly  accessible no later than two years after data collection. This period  may be extended under exceptional circumstances, but only by agreement  between the Principal Investigator and the sponsoring agency. With the  PI’s permission, data can be released to a particular user before it is  publicly accessible.


Users are required to give appropriate acknowledgement of the data  provider and the sponsoring agency as contained in the data files, or  accompanying documentation.


UNAVCO GSAC sites are GSAC sites meeting this data policy. Current UNAVCO GSAC sites are:

  • UNAVCO Facility



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