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 GNSS Campaigns

UNAVCO Campaign GPS/GNSS Handbook

The attached files contain the UNAVCO Campaign GPS/GNSS Handbook. UNAVCO_Campaign_GPS_GNSS_Handbook.pdf UNAVCO_Campaign_GPS_GNSS_Handbook.doc Read More

UNAVCO Investigator Manual - Campaign Procedures

UNAVCO Investigator’s Manual 1 December 2009 Updated from original manuscript dated 1 November 2001 This manual is intended as a resource for anyone planning the logistics and technical support that is necessary for successful GPS campaigns.... Read More

UNAVCO Resources: Campaign and Kinematic GPS/GNSS


UNAVCO Resources: Campaign and Kinematic GPS/GNSS This page covers resources for GPS/GNSS surveys with portable equipment and includes static, rapid static/fast static, or kinematic data collection. UNAVCO can supply the full range of equipment,... Read More

UNAVCO Topcon GB-1000 Campaign Kit

UNAVCO Topcon GB-1000 Campaign Kit  UNAVCO maintains 100 campaign GPS systems in order to support portable GPS deployments funded by the NSF’s EarthScope Science panel. Based on Topcon GB-1000 equipment, the systems have been designed... Read More

UNAVCO Trimble 5700/R7 Campaign Kit

UNAVCO Trimble 5700/R7 Campaign Kit   The Trimble 5700/R7 campaign GPS kit is UNAVCO's most commonly-used campaign kit. The 5700/R7 receiver is lightweight, low power, can run off internal batteries, logs data to a removable compact flash card... Read More

UNAVCO Trimble NetR9/R8 Campaign Kit

These UNAVCO campaign kits are designed for use with Trimble NetR8/9 receivers and typically include a Zephyr Geodetic GPS or GNSS antenna. Bulkheads for solar and antenna cables allow for rapid deployment. The weather-tight case is suitable for many... Read More

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