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 Geodetic Imaging

Comparison of LiDAR Systems

Comparison of LiDAR Systems System Spaceborne (e.g. GLAS) High Altitude (e.g. LVIS) Airborne (ALS) Terrestrial (TLS) Altitude 600 km 10 km 1 km 1 m Footprint 60 m 15 m 25 cm 1-10 cm Vertical Accuracy 15 cm to 10 m (depends on... Read More

UNAVCO Resources: SAR Data and Services


UNAVCO Resources: SAR Data and Services GeoEarthScope InSAR Archive As part of Earthscope's GeoEarthScope project, UNAVCO created an archive of SAR imagery, with data supplied by the European Space Agency (ESA; ERS1, ERS2, and Envisat missions) and... Read More


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