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Trimble R-Utilities

Trimble R-Utilities

No longer supported by Trimble. Trimble R-Utilities is a group of programs that permit remote control of certain Trimble GPS receivers. R-Utilities provide receiver configuration capability via direct serial, phone modem, and wireless radio protocols. The latest version of R-Utilities for Windows, LINUX, and Solaris should be able to translate R00, T00, and T01 files. (Please let us know if you encounter a problem by sending an email to support at Note that the R-Utilities can not be used to download a NetRS GPS receiver, only to translate the T00 file acquired from the receiver.

Trimble’s Latest RUNPKR00 program that converts T00/T01 Files to DAT is not embedded in R-Utilities. The Trimble runpkr00 program allows users to extract .DAT or .TGD files  from R00/T00/T01 files logged by Trimble GPS/GNSS receivers.  Note that  for GNSS signals to be extracted from "Record Type 27" (RT27) files the  "-g" flag must be added to the command line, which will produce a .TGD  file.  Both .DAT and .TGD files can then be interpreted by teqc. [Windows v2.36] [Linux v2.44] [Solaris SPARC v2.44] [Solaris x86 v2.44]

The following table gives the operating system and receiver types supported for each version of the R-Utilities software. Click on the version number to download.

Operating System 4000 Rxs 4700 Rxs 5700 / R7   RHL 6.x RHL 7.x RHL 9.x
Linux v2.55 (T00/T01/R00) X   X     X X
Linux v2.51 X   X     X  
Linux v2.42 X X     X    
Linux v2.35 X       X    
Solaris v2.53 X   X   n/a n/a n/a
Windows v2.55 (T00/T01/R00) X   X   n/a n/a n/a

[Trimble R-Utilities User’s Guide (pdf)(2004)]

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