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Trimble GPS Configurator (all versions)

Trimble GPS Configurator

The GPS Configurator™ software lets you configure a survey-grade Trimble GPS receiver (e.g. 5700/R7) connected to your desktop or laptop computer running the Windows operating system. You can use the GPS Configurator software to view the current receiver settings, check satellite tracking and signal strengths, change receiver settings in real time and load configuration files. [Note: We prefer using Trimble Configuration Toolbox for loading configuration files.]

The Trimble GPS Configurator software is freely available and runs on Windows machines. Check the Trimble Support page for the most recent version.

See also Trimble 5700/R7 - How to verify receiver tracking using Trimble GPS Configurator software.

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    2. Can anyone help me to work this GPS Trimble.

    3. I cannot use it to config My 4700


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