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UNAVCO LAPDOGS - Local Automated Process for Downloading of Global Sites

UNAVCO has developed a set of programs and scripts to automate the downloading of Trimble receivers from UNIX platforms. At its core, this tool is meant to download data from a remote Trimble receiver (4000SSi/SSE, 5700, R7) to a computer, while supporting various communication strategies (radio modems, phone modems, direct connections). LAPDOGS utilizes the the Trimble R-Utilities in order to download, rename, and purge downloaded files from the receiver memory.

The software currently runs on UNIX/LINUX environments that have Perl 5.0001 or greater.

The latest versions of LAPDOGS (3.0a7 and higher) have been modified to enable downloading of the Trimble R7. The R7 and 5700 do not do indexing on files; this version of LAPDOGS deals with downloading files based on creation date and time. This software package was tested on a Redhat 9.0 system. The other versions of lapdogs are known to work on lower Redhat versions such as 7.3, 6.2, and 5.2.

LAPDOGS Documentation

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