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Trimble Remote Controller v2.21

The attached executable runs Trimble’s Remote Controller v2.21. This software provides virtual access to all functions on 4700, 4800, 4000, 4400, 7400 and MS 750 GPS receivers and allows 4700 users to configure 1 PPS/Event Marker.

For more information, download the attached v.2.21 Remote Controller User Guide.

For notes on resizing the main window for Remote Controller, download the attached Technical Information Page.

The Trimble Remote Controller software is freely available. Check the Trimble Support page for the most recent version.

  • Attached Files
  • remcon221.exe (5.25 MB) 4276
  • remcntrl.pdf (2.72 MB) 2648
  • remcon95.pdf (18.34 KB) 1033

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