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 Allen Osborne

Allen Osborne TurboRogue - How to upgrade firmware

Allen Osborne TurboRogue - How to upgrade firmware Stop receiver tracking: In the Main Status Display scroll to 1 TRACK using the left arrow key Press ENTER In Tracking Dialog Box, choose Stop Track Now! Press ENTER Answer Yes to Really Stop... Read More

Allen Osborne TurboRogue Resource Page

Allen Osborne TurboRogue Resource Page Back to receiver comparison page Receiver GNSS ? Available as special buy Available on loan Serviceable at UNAVCO File Size (24 hr, 15 s) Memory Time lasts recording at 15 s Power draw w/ antenna ... Read More

AOA Receivers Benchmark Test (1998)

AOA Benchmark Summer 1998 saw the introduction of the next generation of AOA GPS receivers. In its ongoing role to evaluate new GPS products, UNAVCO obtained an AOA Benchmark receiver from JPL and began evaluating its performance as compared to... Read More

GNEX Software (JPL) - description only

GNEX Software (JPL) JPL's "GPS Network" tool for Linux, the GNEX software tool, was designed to operate with the TurboRogue GPS receivers and some meteorological data collection equipment. The primary operation of the program is downloading... Read More


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