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 Comms and Networking

How To Configure a Cisco With TFTP

1.  Install Solar Winds TFTP server on your computer        - A TFTP-Root folder should be created on your hard drive     - Place the configuration file in the tftp root folder    2.... Read More

Sierra Wireless LS300

Sierra Wireless LS300      Features Low power, typically 3W or less. Separate models for 3G HSPA+ (ATT) or 3G EV-DO (Verizon). Fallback to GSM/GPRS/EDGE or CDMA 1xRTT. Remote management. Robust routing capabilities. Supports up to 5... Read More

UNAVCO Resources: Communications Options


UNAVCO Resources: Communications Options UNAVCO has worked with and supports the following communications options for GPS and meteorological data transmission. Click on the photograph of the hardware for more information, including specifications,... Read More


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