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Targets Used With Riegl Scanners

UNAVCO utilizes four different kinds of targets with our Riegl scanners. The type of target selected depends on the project specifics, including size and topography of survey area, survey goals, and logistical considerations. Below are links to... Read More

TLS Battery Box Set Up for Riegl Scanners

The TLS battery box is comprised of a small Pelican case containing 2 PowerSonic PS-12180NB batteries. They are 12.0 V, 18.0 Ah batteries connected in series for a total of 24.0 V as shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1     ... Read More

UNAVCO Summary of RIEGL LMS-Z620

UNAVCO Summary of RIEGL LMS-Z620 Resources Back to TLS comparison table TLS system Min. range Max. range Repeatability Power draw Field of view Weight Operating temp. RIEGL LMS-Z620 2 m 2,000 m 10 mm 75 W 80° x 360° 16 kg / 35 lbs 0°... Read More

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