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TLS Field Gear for Riegl Scanners



The basic kits for each of our Riegl Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS) are comprised of 5 to 7 Pelican cases, 1 tripod case, and 1 SKB 1SKB-H5020W railpack utility case per scanner. The image above is an example of what a typical TLS kit looks like.

Pelican Cases:

  • 1 case for the Riegl scanner, cables and accessories
  • 1 case for Riegl camera kit
  • 1 case for Panasonic ToughBook field computer
  • 1-2 cases of targets, mounting hardware, battery chargers, and other accessories
  • 1-2 battery boxes to power scanner
  • 1-3 Trimble or Topcon campaign GPS kits (or RTK systems) for georeferencing the scan data.

Tripod Case:

  • 1 tripod for scanner

SKB Case:

  • 5-7 target tripods, packs to carry scanners/equipment, other miscellaneous equipment.

If GPS kits or RTK systems are included, then the number of boxes shipped is between 8 and 12. The total weight without GPS receivers averages 280 lbs (127.01 kg). The total weight including the receivers is approximately 400 lbs (181.44 kg).



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