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 Topcon GB-1000

Topcon GB-1000 - Technical Notes

Topcon GB-1000 GPS receivers and PG-A1 antennas were selected by UNAVCO for exclusive use in the EarthScope/PBO Campaign Equipment Pool in 2004. This hardware was subjected to extensive testing and evaluation along with competitors that responded to... Read More

Topcon GB-1000 First Article Receiver Testing

Topcon GB-1000 First Article Receiver Testing September 29, 2004 Victoria Andreatta This document summarizes the changes requested by UNAVCO before the GB-1000 could be deemed fully acceptable as a campaign GPS system (acceptance of first article... Read More

Topcon GB-1000 Resource Page

Topcon GB-1000 Resource Page Back to receiver comparison page Receiver GNSS ? Available as special buy Available on loan Serviceable at UNAVCO File Size (24 hr, 15 s) Memory Time lasts recording at 15 s Power draw w/ antenna Time lasts o... Read More


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