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 Papers, Memos, and Presentations

AMCS Antenna Rotation Test (paper, 2001)

AMCS Antenna Rotation Test Victoria Andreatta & Chuck Meertens DRAFT - June 11, 2001 Summary An antenna test was conducted at UNAVCO in order to determine the effect of antenna rotation on carrier phase observations, a possible concern for the... Read More

Az/El-dependent AMCS Phase Residuals (memo, 2001)

The attached memo from Kwan-Dong Park (Harvard-Smithsonian) discusses the effect of changing the baseline vector between the parabolic dish antenna and the choke ring antenna, and the effects on the phase residuals. Az/El-dependent AMCS Phase... Read More

Re-analysis of May 01-02, 2000 AMCS Tests (memo, 2001)

The attached memo discusses the re-analysis of the data that was taken on May 1-3, 2000, done by Kwan-Dong Park (post-doc, Harvard-Smithsonian). Some of the graphs in the memo have prompted a discussion as to why the SNR values for the AMCS antenna... Read More


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