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Re-analysis of May 01-02, 2000 AMCS Tests (memo, 2001)

The attached memo discusses the re-analysis of the data that was taken on May 1-3, 2000, done by Kwan-Dong Park (post-doc, Harvard-Smithsonian). Some of the graphs in the memo have prompted a discussion as to why the SNR values for the AMCS antenna were so low.

Re-analysis of May 01 - 02, 2000 AMCS Tests

Kwan-Dong Park
Center for Astrophysics
March 12, 2001

1 Introduction

In this memorandum, a brief summary of re-analysis of May, 2000 test data is given. Please refer to the memo (Report on AMCS tests of May 1-3, 2000) by Jim Davis (published on May 31, 2000). The parabolic antenna was pointed at a constant position in the sky (aiming at the direction of PRN 2) and satellites were allowed to drift in and out of the beam.

[See attached .pdf file for more.]

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