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 Testing and Specifications

1995 UNAVCO Antenna Height Tests

At the 1995 UNAVCO Users Meeting (May 2 and 3), Working Group 3 (WG3) asked the facility to conduct tests to determine the effect of different antenna mounts on GPS baseline results. Especially the effect of mounting antennas low above the ground... Read More

An Improved GPS Geodetic Antenna (1996)

An Improved GPS Geodetic Antenna F. Solheim, C. Alber, M. Exner, C. Rocken, C. Meertens, J. Johnson UNAVCO, POB 3000, Boulder, CO 80307 Signal reflected from the antenna environment mixes with the direct sky signal to induce error in GPS... Read More

Antenna Phase Center Plots

L1 and L2 phase center plots for the following antenna types: Dorne Margolin Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Trimble Zephyr Leica Choke Ring Read More

Choke Ring Antenna Calibrations

Choke Ring Antenna Calibrations Pictured above from left to right are antennas from Ashtech, Trimble, and Allen Osborne & Associates. With an increase in the number of companies offering a choke ring antenna, it is important that any differences... Read More

GPS Receiver and Antenna Testing Report for SuomiNet (2000)

GPS Receiver and Antenna Testing Report for SuomiNet Mike Jackson, Chuck Meertens, Victoria Andreatta, Teresa Van Hove University NAVSTAR Consortium, Boulder, Colorado 1.0 Introduction SuomiNet is a university-based, real-time, national Global... Read More


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