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GNSS Receiver and Antenna Power Compatibilities

GNSS Receiver and Antenna Power Compatibilities

Receiver Output Bias Voltages

                    wo/antenna     w/antenna
Trimble 4000SSE 8.35V 6.8V
Trimble 4000SSi 11.84V 10.4V
Trimble 4700 7.62V 7.4V
Trimble 5700 5.05V 4.97V
Trimble R7 5-7.2V user selectable
Trimble NetRS 7.2V 7.1V
Ashtech Z-12 9.71V 9.64V
Ashtech Micro-Z 4.94V 4.85V
AOA Turbo Rouge 11.95V 11.93V
Novatel DL-4 5.03V 4.99V
Topcon GB-1000 4.9V 4.7V
Topcon Legacy-H GD 3.37V 3.19V
Topcon Odyssey-RS 4.9V 4.58V

Antenna Input Range

Trimble fixed ground plane L1/L2          7-28V
Trimble removable ground plane L1/L2 7-28V
Trimble microcenter 7-28V
Trimble chokering 7-28V
Trimble Zephyr 4.8-22V
Ashtech all 5-15V
Novatel Pinwheel 4-18V
Sokia 600 4-18V
Topcon Chokering 2.7-12V
Topcon LegAnt 2.7-12V
Topcon PG-A1 2.7-12V

NOTES: The receiver output voltages were measured directly from the receiver. The antenna input voltages were provided from the manufactures. These values are the nominal operating values and there is a safety factor built into them. This means the antenna will operate slightly outside the published range but it is not recommended. Example: The Ashtech chokering requiring 5-15V will work with the Ashtech Micro-Z receiver that outputs 4.85V with the antenna as a load.

Power Test:          P/N                  Vintest   Iin   Pw
Ashtech Chokering    701945-02 Rev: B     5.0V      42mA  .21W *
Novatel Pinwheel     01016790 (GPS-600)   5.0V      47mA  .24W *
Topcon LegAnt        01-830004            3.3V      44mA  .15W *
Topcon PG-A1         01-840201-04           ?V       ?mA    ?W
Topcon Chokering     01-031401-01         3.3V      44mA  .15W *
Zephyr Geodetic      41249-00             5.0V      99mA  .5W *
Zephyr               36105-00             5.0V     106mA  .53W *
Trimble Microcenter  33429-20             7.5V      56mA  .42W *
Trimble Rem GP       22020-00             7.5V      58mA  .44W *
Trimble Chokering    29659-00             7.5V      56mA  .42W *
Trimble fixed GP     14532-00             7.5V      52mA
                                         12.0       87mA
AOA Chokering                             7.5V      38mA
                                         12V        61mA

* The antenna are constant current devices. All have type A amplifiers which means they are always full on. Whatever voltage you put in, you will always have the same amount of current when you multiply to find the power. To calculate power at a different input voltages P=Vinnew*(Iin)

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