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Trimble R-Series Receiver Firmware

Trimble R-Series Receiver Firmware

Check the firmware expiry date (pdf) to see which firmware version can be installed under the terms of your warranty.

Trimble R8, R7, R6, 5800, 5700 v2.32 & v3.82 Winflash Utility

  • Trimble R8, R7, 5700, and 5800 - v2.32 Firmware
  • Trimble R8 GNSS, R7 GNSS, R6, 5700 II and 5800 II - v3.82 Firmware
  • Trimble GPS Receiver firmware support must be current to accept the latest versions of firmware upgrades.
  • See Release Notes for details.
  • Use the appropriate firmware for your receiver model.
  • Warranty Date v2.32 - 1 December 2004
  • Warranty Date v3.82 - 8 August 2006

Older versions on Trimble support page:

Local copies:

Get the Trimble R7-R8 User's Guide (pdf)


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