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Trimble 5700 - How to configure for RTK stakeout surveys

RTK Stakeout Surveys

RTK surveys can be used to return to a specific point. Follow steps 1-11 in "How to configure for RTK (real-time kinematic) surveys" before starting the instructions below.

  1. Choose Survey -->TRIMBLE RTK -->Stakeout.

  2. Choose Points --> Add.

    a. To navigate to a point already in the job, choose Select From List, then press Enter.
    b. To navigate to a pre-determined point, carefully follow the directions below.

  3. Navigate to the point using the display. In ‘coarse mode’, walk forwards at a normal pace being careful not to rotate the range-pole. The arrow won’t tell you which way to walk until you are in motion.

  4. When you are close to the mark, the screen switches into ‘fine mode’ with a bulls eye to center the antenna over the mark. At this time, remain pointing in the same direction with the pole in front of you; do not rotate your body. If you pass the mark, walk backwards. Do not turn to move left or right, rather, step sideways.

Stakeout Survey with Previously Determined Points

Users should fall into the ‘advanced user’ category and have previous experience with both Trimble hardware and Geomatics Office (TGO). You must pay detailed attention to the coordinate system you are working in. For these instructions to work, you must always work in WGS84 coordinates. This document describes how to upload WGS84 coordinates (saved as a text file) to the survey controller, then use these coordinates to for a stakeout survey.

  1. Create a comma delimited text file (file.csv) with your coordinates.

  2. a. Format: name, lat, long, HAE.

  3. Open TGO.

  4. Import the text file into TGO: Import--> Custom --> Choose the format: Name, lat, long, height, code, (WGS84).

  5. The points will come up on the graphics window if done correctly. You can use the view menu to show the point names.

  6. Export the data as a survey controller file.

    a. Export --> Survey --> Survey Controller Files (*.dc).
    b. Options --> Choose SCV07-70 and lat long HAE.

  7. Open Trimble Data Transfer.

    a. Choose PC card and connect.
    b. Click the send tab.
    c. Find the survey controller file you just made and select it.
    d. Add it to the send queue.
    e. Highlight it with a single click.
    f. Click Transfer.

  8. Put the PC card back in the controller.

  9. Copy the controller file you just made into the job you are working in.

    a. File --> Copy Data Between Jobs.
    b. Choose Points.
    c. Copy duplicates --> yes.
    d. Overwrite --> yes.
    e. Choose all points.

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