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Trimble NetRS - How to configure an XP computer to connect to a NetRS via PPP

How to configure an XP computer to connect to a NetRS via PPP

Under “Network Connections” on your PC, create a new connection and select the following:

  • Connect to the internet

  • Set up my connection manually

  • Connect using a dial-up modem

  • enter Modem / port to use (if prompted)

  • enter ISP Name (e.g. PPP2NetRS)

  • enter Phone number

  • Anyone’s use

  • Enter User name and Password (e.g. ppp, ppp12345), uncheck "Use this account..." and "Make this the default..."

The new PPP connection window will now appear. Select Properties and make sure that the following are checked:

  1. Options tab:

  • Prompt for name / password (this will force you to enter these before negotiating the connection)

  • Prompt for phone number

  • Display progress

  • Security tab:

    • Typical

    • Allow unsecured password

    • uncheck Show terminal window

    • uncheck Run script

  • Networking tab:

    • choose PPP

      • don’t check any of the options offered in the Settings box under the PPP option

    • TCP/IP protocol, properties (obtain IP and DNS auto)

      • Advanced options - General: uncheck Use default gateway on remote network (to prevent your XP PC from getting confused); check Use IP header compression

      • Advanced options - DNS and WINS: no changes ... no IP’s added, etc.

    • Advanced tab: nothing checked


    Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver