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Trimble NetRS - How to reset the receiver and reload the kernel

Trimble NetRS - How to reset the receiver and reload the kernel

This article explains how to reset the Trimble NetRS receiver and reload the kernel.

There are two way to do this:

  1. Power on the receiver and hold the power button for 30+ seconds until the "external frequency" light comes on then goes off. Release the power button and the receiver will reboot (all lights flashing) as the kernel gets reloaded.

  2. (preferred method) Boot up receiver and watch boot sequence via a serial cable plugged into port 1 on the receiver (front port) using a terminal program set to 115200 baud, 8N1. (For more details, see UNAVCO’s Basic Use of the Trimble NetRS.)

    When the boot sequence reads:

    >>autoboot in 3 seconds, Hit space twice to stop autoboot

    press the space key twice to get a command prompt.

    At the prompt, enter:


    boot_status 0 254



  1. In either case, the receiver will be set to DHCP. Therefore, you will need either a computer with a serial cable attached to the front port of the NetRS in order to change the IP settings, or to have the receiver attached to a DHCP server. (See UNAVCO’s How to connect to the NetRS receiver using DHCP.)

  2. No GPS data will be lost.

  3. All settings will be reset to factory defaults. Any saved sessions will be erased.


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