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How to Mount a Vaisala WXT 520 Met Pack

The met pack should be fitted to 1inch diameter rigid metallic electrical conduit (a two foot section is sufficient).  Slide the conduit over the met cable and attach the cable to the Vaisala before securing the conduit.  Make sure that this conduit is secured to the device with the tightening screw included with the Vaisala.  The conduit can then be hoseclamped, strapped, or welded to any stable post, tower, etc.

For a roof mount, drill a ¾ to 1inch diameter hole (8 inches deep or more) in the concrete.  5/8 inch all-thread can be secured into the hole with cement or epoxy.  The pipe that the antenna is mounted on can then be hoseclamped to this rod.

Be sure that the arrow on the underside of the met pack is aligned to North and that the Vaisala is as level as possible. 

The antenna should be mounted in an area that is not obstructed by adjacent buildings or other large objects that might affect windspeed or any local weather readings of the device.

Example 1 - Vaisala hose clamped to 5/8 inch rod grouted into roof.

Example 2 - Vaisala welded to a pipe secured into the ground.

Example 3 - Vaisala mounting pipe is hoseclamped to an
adjacent section of PVC, against a solar panel mount.


Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver