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Converting XYZ to LAT,LON,HGT

Converting RiScan output (XYZ)  to  WGS84 LAT,LON,HGT   

Will also convert to lat,lon,alt,R,G,B,A

  • Download
  • Unzip the file to get a nlastools directory.
  • In there is a script.
   Note: This needs to have Java 1.6 in your path.

  • You run it with: sh ~/nlastools/ -header lowres_Polydata001.txt

Also attached is a file. Place this in the directory where your data files are. This defines the coordinate reference system (I assume wgs84) and the fields.

Note - the above conversion outputs:

This nlastools package is new and hasn’t been used very much so any feedback would be appreciated.

Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver