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Global Mapper - Tutorials and Beginner Resources

      Users’ Manual

      The Global Mapper Users’ Manual is available here.

      YouTube Channel

      Global Mapper has an extensive YouTube channel featuring many useful webinars and how-to’s. You may find it useful to start with the following webinars:


      User Forum

      A user forum exists with a catalog of over 8,000 entries.



      The Global Mapper website provides a tutorial for beginners. Registration and access to a license are required, but the tutorial is free otherwise.

      The contents of the tutorial are listed below:

      • Section 1 - Introduction to the principles of GIS
        • Importing/accessing data
        • Creating and editing vector features
        • Adjusting the appearance of vector features
        • Working with raster layers
        • Querying and filtering data
        • The basics of spatial analysis
        • Methods for sharing data
      • Section 2 - Generating a terrain surface and creating contours using LiDAR data
        • LiDAR importing
        • LiDAR editing/processing
        • Data visualization
        • Creating a gridded surface model
        • 3D modeling
        • Shader options
        • Contour generation
      • Section 3 - Creating a thematic map
        • Creating and managing attribute data
        • Joining attributes from an external file
        • Performing a calculation to create new attributes
        • Applying a shading pattern to reflect recurring text values
        • Applying a shading pattern to reflect numeric values
        • Designing page layout elements including a legend and map title.
        • Printing the map or exporting to a geospatial PDF
      • Section 4 - Rectifying an image file
        • Importing a base map for rectification
        • Using field-collected ground control for rectification
        • Modifying the projection
        • Choosing a rectification method
        • Adjusting the properties of the rectified map
      • Section 5 - Extracting vector features from a raster layer
        • Vectorizing a specific color from a topographic map
        • Vectorizing a range of colors to delineate features in from an aerial image
        • Delineating an elevation range from a digital elevation model
        • Outlining areas within a slope angle threshold
      • Section 6 - Creating a watershed model
        • Creating a drainage network from a digital elevation model
        • Outlining the watershed boundaries for a defined area
        • Adjusting the watershed boundaries based on area and flow variable
        • Creating a water drop analysis model
        • Delineating the catchment area for a defined location

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