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Trimble NetR9 - How to login when the login prompt missing


An uncommon firmware bug on the NetR9 can prevent login when security is enabled. For affected receivers, the ’Login’ menu item does not appear in the left hand pane of the web GUI under Security.

It has not been determined which firmware versions are affected.

screen shot 2014-03-13 at 2.09.39 pm.png 


You can use the receivers programitic interface to reboot the receiver and then log in after it has completed its reboot.

Use the following unix command to send a http request to the receiver’s programatic interface:

curl -u username:password ’http://your_receiver_ip/prog/reset?system’

Replace username and password with your login credentials and replace your_receiver_ip with the ip address of the affected receiver. 

Allow ~50sec for the receiver to reboot before attemting to reconnect to the receiver.

For more information see the Programatic Interface Guide


Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver