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UNAVCO Resources: GNSS Antennas

UNAVCO Resources: GNSS Antennas

Dual frequency (L1/L2) Choke Ring Antennas provide geodetic-quality GNSS measurements for surveying, mapping, and research applications. Typical dual-frequency choke ring antennas maintain a stable phase center that has less than 1 mm of drift. The choke ring antenna is based on the geodetic research standard and features aluminum choke rings and a Dorne Margolin antenna element. These antennas are durable, have a low power consumption, and have excellent multipath rejection characteristics. Less-expensive but also high-precision options are now available as well. The UNAVCO Facility currently supports the following GNSS antennas.

GPS/GNSS Antennas Used by UNAVCO

Trimble Choke Ring
Ashtech Choke Ring
Trimble Zephyr Geodetic
Trimble Zephyr
Topcon PG-A1
no photo available
AOA TurboRogue SNR-800
no photo available
Trimble L1/L2 microcentered geodetic with groundplane
no photo available
Trimble Permanent L1/L2
no photo available
Trimble Geodetic Compact L1/L2
no photo available
Trimble 4000SST L1/L2 Geodetic
no photo available
Trimble 4000SSE Kinematic L1/L2
UNAVCO/Micro Pulse L1

Setting up GPS/GNSS Antennas

Development and Testing of GPS/GNSS Antennas


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