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Ashtech and Trimble Choke Ring SNR Analysis (2001)

Ashtech and Trimble Choke Ring SNR Analysis

Mike Jackson Ph.D.
UNAVCO Network Operations Manager
3340 Mitchell Lane, Boulder CO 80301



The Trimble 4000 receiver is obsolete and the Ashtech Z12 is nearing the end of its product lifespan. With this in mind, we tested Ashtech Choke Ring antennas on Trimble 4700 receivers and Trimble Choke Ring Antennas on Ashtech mZ receivers. This will allow users to use the less expensive Ashtech antenna on a Trimble receiver or allow users to replace 4000 receivers with Trimble Choke Rings with mZ receivers. Also, users can replace Z12 receivers with Ashtech Choke Rings with Trimble receivers. This study was intended to be a first-order look at the compatibility of Ashtech Choke Rings on Trimble receivers and Trimble Choke Rings on Ashtech receivers.


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