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Trimble NetRS receiver firmware version 1.2-0

Trimble NetRS firmware version 1.2-0 is available for download here.  Version 1.3-0 has been released and all eligible users are advised to upgrade.

Download links for the installation file and official release notes are below.


Details from the release:

Firmware Version 1.2-0
Firmware Date    2007/04/26

To install this release use the NetRS Browser interface to upload
this file onto your NetRS.  Then click the Install button.  The
installation process will take several minutes.

Expected Installation Time : 400 seconds

Trimble NetRS Firmware Version 1.2-0
This is a Major release containing numerous feature enhancements and bug

New Features
- GPS tracking software updated to allow simultaneously tracking
  of L2Y and L2C signals.  Configurable via the Web-GUI interface using:
     Receiver Configuration -> L2 Tracking

- Support added for Trimcomm command 0x53-CHANCTRL, to allow GG-Base
  to control L2 Tracking Modes.

- Added ability to log Raw WAAS/SBAS data to T00 files.

- In RT17 streams, Record 17’s can now be replaced with Record 27’s.
  This allows collecting data with simultaneous L2Y+L2C tracking.
  Configurable via the Web-GUI interface.

- In T00 data logging, added the ability to replace Record 17’s with
  compressed Record 27’s.  This allows collecting data with simultaneous
  L2Y+L2C tracking.  Configurable via the Web-GUI interface.

- Trimcomm support for command 0x49-COMMOUT enhanced to allow selection
  of Record 27’s in an RT17 output stream.

- Various Met/Tilt interface enhancements.
  Met/Tilt interface enhanced to allow faster rates of 1, 5, 15 and 30
  seconds.  In addition, a control was added to Binex data logging and
  streaming to allow selective inclusion of Met/Tilt results.
  If all records are disabled except Met/Tilt, it is possible to log
  or stream only the Met/Tilt results.

- RT17 enhancements involving GPS Ephemeris Data.
  o Ephemeris issues will not be streamed if they are more than 24 hours
  o Ephemeris data will be re-transmitted every five minutes for tracked
    satellites and every 15 minutes for other satellites.
  o Ephemeris data for new ephemeris issues will be transmitted as soon
    as possible after first being received.
  o A complete set of ephemeris data will be transmitted whenever a new
    client connection is made to a TCP or UDP port.

- RT17 streams now include periodic Record-19 week/time sync records.
  These records are now sent whenever a new client connects and
  every five minutes, to provide unambiguous time stamps.

- RTCM Version 3.0 output capability added to I/O streams.

- Added support for a few new antenna types.

- Trimcomm command SetIdle (0x4f) can now be used to control clock
  steering mode.

- Trimcomm command GetIdle (0x3d) has been added to allow querying of
  Elevation Mask, PDOP Mask, and Epoch Interval.  All other fields
  in the response are sent as zeroes.

- Trimcomm command 0x71 added has been added to allow querying and
  setting the Reference Frequency Source and presence.

- More obvious information has been added to console output and to
  messages files regarding system shutdowns due to the power-saving

Bug Fixes
- RT17 streams started by Trimcomm commands no longer lose epochs or
  show loss-of-lock when the same start command is issued.

- The system had difficulty switching between L2Y and L2C tracking.
  These have been fixed.

- Unhealthy satellites are now prevented from being used in position
  fixes when the Ignore Health mode is used.

- SSL logs occasionaly become huge over time.  SSL log files (from https
  access mode) are now pruned properly at regular intervals.

- Binex L2 Phase values will be marked invalid whenever L1Phase is
  marked invalid.

- Binex measurement cycle slip indications are now more reliable.
  This should prevent any persistent out-of-range phase indications.

- "FATAL" console errors on Shutdown have been subdued.  These were
  actually unimportant warnings.

- The Ephemerides Data Service now includes data for ALL satellites (not
  just those being tracked) and the ionospheric data.

- T00 files formerly did not contain ephemerides for unhealthy SVs.
  Now they do.

- Once-only Met/Tilt commands were not being issued at logged
  file rollovers.  Now they are.

- System logs occasionally showed the ntpd error : "Interrupted system
  call".  These were unimportant warnings and now should be gone.

- Using https protocol with some versions of Internet Explorer caused
  lots of messages to the error_log.  These should now be gone.

- Fixed numerous bugs associated with PRN 32.
  o PRN32 ephemeris data not completely erasing with "Clear GPS Data".
  o PRN32 data observables not getting into Binex data streams & files.
  o PRN32 ephemeris data would not be sent via the query services.
  o PRN32 data wouldn’t have been smoothed or filtered properly.

- Antenna information in T00 files was not properly encoding the
  height reference point method.

- L1-C/No values weren’t updating at a 10Hz rate in files or streams.
  Now they do.

- Met/Tilt data stopped forwarding to a Binex stream if the Binex stream
  was restarted.  Now the data keeps streaming.

- Fixed three things associated with Trimcomm command SetSesStn (0x42)
  o It was interpretting Latitude and Longitude values as Radians
    instead of Degrees.  Now matches the documentation and other
    receiver types.
  o It had problems dealing with the 50 character description string,
    if the string was not NUL-0x00 terminated.  The command properly
    handles the case where the full 50 characters are specified without a NUL.
  o It was corrupting the BinexId string.  It no longer does that.

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