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UNAVCO Summary of Optech ILRIS-3D

Retired October, 2012. No longer owned by UNAVCO

The ILRIS is a long range scanner (up to ~1500 m) and was UNAVCO’s first TLS instrument, acquired in 2008. We specially outfitted this scanner for cold weather deployment and it was a tried and true instrument for polar applications. It was deployed in non polar environments as well.

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TLS System
Min. Range
Max. Range
Power Draw
Field of View
Operating Temp

Optech ILRIS-3D
3 m
1,500 m
7 mm 75 W 40° x 40° 13 kg / 28.7 lbs -25°C - 40° C

Optech Resources

Technical Specs and Manual

    Software Manuals




      • Matchview User Manual (pdf) - Explains to users how to align range data with a color digital camera image.

      Calculating Pit Volume

      • Calculating Pit Volume (pdf) - This document provides an example of how to calculate changes in volume by creating a mesh of the object or area in question.

        Software and Calibrations




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