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EGADS automated downloading software

EGADS: Extensible GPS Array Data System

EGADS is a community-based download program initially developed for the SCIGN project. EGADS is a Perl program used in conjunction with Sharc (see below) that automates the downloading and file naming of GPS data files from a remote GPS system.

See the UNAVCO summary on How to install EGADS & SHARC on a RedHat LINUX 7.3 system (pdf) for more details on software installation.


To check for the most recent version of Sharc, go to


EGADS requires 4 supporting modules in order to function properly:

  • DateTime::Precise

  • XML::Parser

  • MIME::Base64

  • URI::URL.

Download modules for 7.3

Modules can also be downloaded individually (below). Note that there may be more recent versions for your specific OS version; most of the modules can be found in rpm format from


To install an rpm use the following command : rpm -Uvh ’rpm name’.
To install the modules (if not an rpm) perform the following set of commands:
    ’perl Makefile.PL’
    ’make test’
    ’make install’

Try a direct connection first and then a modem or FreeWave connection. Run Sharc manually first, just to make sure that you are able to download a file allocation table (fat) file. You can always type sharc --help and you will get the different options that Sharc will take as input.

sharc --port /dev/ttyS1 --baud 38400 --fatfile fat.out (fat.out will show index of all files on receiver)
sharc --port /dev/ttyS1 --baud 38400 --download 2-4 (will download files 2-4)
To run egads manually from /home/egads/EGADS/bin
./ --nosoap --daemon --hub local-ttyS1 > /dev/null &

The following run_egads script can be placed in /home/egads and run from the cron:

set R=`/sbin/pidof -x /home/egads/EGADS/bin/`
if ( "$R" == "" ) then
setenv EGADSCONFIG /home/egads/EGADS/xml/Egads.xml
cd /home/egads/EGADS/bin
nohup ./ --nosoap --daemon --hub local-ttyS1 > /dev/null &

Your crontab entry could look like the following:
    05 * * * * /home/egads/run_egads > /dev/null 2>&1

  • Attached Files
  • sharc-0.99.9-1.i386.rpm (113.65 KB) 601
  • XML-Parser-2.29.tar.gz (288.5 KB) 533
  • DateTime-Precise-1.05.tar.gz (34.76 KB) 527
  • expat-1.95.2-1.i686.rpm (320.5 KB) 516
  • MIME-Base64-2.12.tar.gz (10.68 KB) 514
  • URI-1.18.tar.gz (80.66 KB) 511
  • egads-2.0a2.tar (110 KB) 507
  • modules7_3.tar (340 KB) 493
  • installegads_a.pdf (81.2 KB) 358

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