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Topcon GB-1000 - Controller Board Firmware Release History, April 16, 2007

April 16, 2007

The changes in firmware 3.02U from 3.01U.

1. The problem "The remote command for mainboard does not work properly during LCD OFF" was fixed.

2. If 2 charactor "ER" was used into the Site Name of STATIC and RAPID STATIC at previous survey,

The Error "Communication Data Waiting" will appear when entering the menu at next time.

This problem was fixed.

3. New Firmware loader software was unstable, It was returned to the old firmware loader.

October 4, 2006

The changes in firmware 3.01U from 3.00U.

1. The BINEX data set which is logged was changed. The contents of the data set is 00_00, 01_01, 7E_00, 7D_00, 7F_04.

7D_00 is output when the status changes.

2. The Receiver status "PM" message which was output every second was eliminated in order to reduce the file size.

3. The firmware loader was changed. It is possible to reload the firmware even if the loading is failed

by accident.


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