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Topcon GB-1000 - Receiver Board Firmware v3.1.3 Release Notes

User visible changes in the firmware version 3.1 p3 since version 3.1 p2


1. Support of external/internal CDMA modem has been implemented.

2. The output of the state of the parameter "/par/frq/amp" for NET-G3 boards
has been implemented.

3. If the parameter "/par/frq/input" was set to "off", EGGDT and NET-G3 boards did not
correct the oscillator frequency offset upon turning the power on. This
problem has been resolved now.

4. The logic for locking SBAS satellites have been modified. Now all the
available SBAS satellites can be tracked.

5. New commands that allow specifying the timeouts for SBAS fast corrections in
manual mode have been added.

6. Performances of DGNSS (code differential) mode have been improved.

7. Corrections connected with identification of GLONASS satellites, in which
C/A L2 signal is available, have been implemented.

8. RTK mode: internal logic improvements (in particular, for G3-based

9. [DL] message: the format has been corrected (a comma has been added to the
end of the group of parameters embraced with {...}).

10. The problem connected with AFRM mode (the receiver does not open a new file,
if a pre-defined amount of free memory remains) has been resolved.
Note: this problem was not resolved in the version 3.1p1.

11. The contents of [CC], [C1] and [C2] messages has been corrected for
G3-based receivers.

12. The logic of "coarse" RAIM has been modified.

0. Compatibility notes.

0.1 The format of [DL] message has been corrected to make it compatible with
rules defined for ASCII messages.

1. Messages.

No changes.

2. Parameters.

2.1 Parameters for SBAS fast corrections

Name: /par/waas/fastcor/maxage
Access: rw
Type: int
Values: [1..1200]
Default: 18
Description: This parameter specifies the maximum age (timeout) of SBAS
fast corrections. This setting will affect processing of SBAS
fast corrections provided the parameter
/par/waas/fastcor/mode is set to "manual".

Name: /par/waas/fastcor/mode
Type: enumerated
Values: auto | manual
Default: auto
Description: Being set to "manual", this parameter allows the user to specify a user-defined
timeout for SBAS fast corrections else the timeouts will be
determined automatically in accordance with broadcast data.

2.2 For CDMA support, new PPP parameters have been added:

Name: /par/ppp
Access: r
Type: list {state, speed, xt, modem, addr, debug,
auth, compression, gprs, cdma, dialup}
Description: The list of PPP parameters.

Name: /par/ppp/cdma
Access: r
Type: list { dial, user }
Description: The list of gprs parameters.

Name: /par/ppp/cdma/dial
Access: rw
Type: string[0..31]
Default: "#777"
Description: Dial number for CDMA data connection

Name: /par/ppp/cdma/user
Access: rw
Type: string[0..31]
Default: ""
Description: User name

Name: /par/ppp/cdma/passwd
Access: rw
Type: string[0..31]
Default: ""
Description: CDMA password.


To create PPP link through internal or external CDMA modem connected to the
receiver serial port, the user has to set the modem mode of corresponding modem
port to "cdma":


To close PPP connection the user has to set modem mode to "off":


For CDMA modem, PPP connection works the same way as PPP connection
established through GPRS.

2.3 The speed parameter of PPP was changed to rewrite.

Name: /par/ppp/speed
Access: rw
Type: enumerated
Values: 9600 | 19200 | 38400 | 57600 | 115200
Default: 9600
Description: PPP connection speed (baud rate).

Notes. If you change the speed parameter before set modem mode to
gprs, cdma or dialup, the firmware start searching
from the modem responce form the specified baud
rate. Was made to speed up the modem serch if the
real baud rate is known and the user don’t want wait
for automatical definition.


Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver