SuomiNet - Support Overview

Note - content is provided for historical continuity and may be out of date. The UNAVCO SuomiNet pages are not actively maintained, and up-to-date SuomiNet information should be obtained from UCAR’s COSMIC program at:

SuomiNet is an international network of GPS receivers, configured and managed to generate near real-time estimates of precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere, total electron content in the ionosphere, and other meteorological and geodetic information.

Geodetic+Atmospheric Sites   Atmospheric Only Sites

Click on image to see real-time precipitable water vapor (PW) image.

SuomiNet Participation Procedure

NOTE: All SuomiNet systems have been allocated. There are no longer any systems available for new participants.

SuomiNet Site Installation Instructions

How to Access SuomiNet Data

SuomiNet Equipment Information

Additional SuomiNet Information

For more information regarding SuomiNet procedures, system components and network installation, contact UNAVCO (

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