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SuomiNet - System Computer

Note - content is provided for historical continuity and may be out of date. The UNAVCO SuomiNet pages are not actively maintained, and up-to-date SuomiNet information should be obtained from UCAR’s COSMIC program at:

Dell GX110 and GX150 desktop computers are used for SuomiNet.

System Computer Configuration

Participant Computer Access Requirements
Utility Requirement
Internet Protocol TCP/IP
Remote Login SSH
Time Synchronization NTP


Computer Utility Versions
Utility Current Version
Operating System Red Hat Linux 6.2
LDM 5.1.2
Suomiops 020318.tar
Secure Shell 2.5.2p2


Default GPS Settings (Property File)
Item Default Setting
GPS Sample Interval: 30 seconds
Elevation Mask: 0 degrees
Met Data Sample Interval: 3 minutes
Receiver Bandwidth: Wide
File Length: 1 hour

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