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SuomiNet - GPS Antenna Monument

Note - content is provided for historical continuity and may be out of date. The UNAVCO SuomiNet pages are not actively maintained, and up-to-date SuomiNet information should be obtained from UCAR’s COSMIC program at:


The top of the antenna monument must have a 5/8-11NC-2A male thread that the antenna housing (5/8 inch female thread) screws onto. 1/2 inch of exposed thread is required for the antenna. The monument must also allow the antenna to be oriented to true north. A simple back nut accomplishes this.

Atmospheric: The GPS antenna must be level (+/1 degree) and aligned to true north (as indicated on the antenna). The antenna location should be selected to maximize sky visibility, and the mount must be stable to prevent movement of the antenna.

Geodetic: For atmospheric and geodetic sites, the antenna monument must also be directly coupled to the underlying solid earth so the geodetic data accurately reflects any crustal deformation.

Detailed monumentation examples and information may be found at the following locations:




Several additional examples of GPS monumentation are available from UNAVCO on our Monumentation Examples page.


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