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Sierra Wireless RV50

Sierra Wireless RV50




  • Several levels of power savings available with built in Low Voltage Disconnect.
  • Typically less than 3W with GPS disabled and LED savings enabled.
  • Supports LTE service with Fallback to 3G and 2G
  • Dual SIM slots that support both 3G HSPA+ (ATT) and CDMA EV-DO (Verizon).
  • Provides network connectivity through Ethernet, USB and serial.
  • Remote management.
  • Robust routing capabilities.
  • Supports up to 5 IPSec, GRE, or SSL VPN tunnels.
  • DIN rail mountable with bracket.
  • 1 external pin can be set as a analog input or a digital input or output.
  • 7V to 36V operating range.
  • Operating temperature -30 to +70C.
  • IP64 environmental rating.


RV50 Hardware User Guide

ALEOS 4.5.0 User Guide for RV50

AirLink Technical Bulletin - ALEOS 4.5.2

Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin - Mirai

RV50 firmware


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