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Logsheets and Field Notes

Logsheets and Field Notes

Field notes provide information about each survey point that is required to process and archive the GPS data once collected. Critical information such as antenna height above the survey mark, GPS receiver and antenna model and serial number, benchmark identification and location, and survey start and stop times are recorded on the Campaign/Monument Log Sheet  . The logsheet provides the extra information that makes the collected data useful to anyone, and it is required for each monument visit that is archived by UNAVCO. The ability to re-visit a mark with any degree of accuracy depends on the quality and accuracy of the recorded information from the previous visits.

Formal logsheets are not required for surveys of non-repeatable points, such as temporary glacier stakes or terrain features such as lakebed shorelines. But good field notes are still necessary for post processing of the data, and should contain site identification, data file name, time of survey, and antenna type, height, and measurement method.

Additional information, such as site access, monument description, sky visibility, and nearby resources are also important to document, especially the first time a site visit is made.


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