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Javad Sigma Power Consumption

The mean power consumption during a 12 hour test of the Javad Sigma receiver was: 3.97 W

Testing Procedure:
  • Input: 12 V
  • Agilent N6705B DC power analyzer
  • Power sampling rate: 10 Hz
  • Test was conducted at room temperature
  • Tracking: GPS L1/L2 only
  • Logging one 15 second session
  • Ethernet port was connected (increases power use when connected)
  • Connected to a TRM59800.00 antenna
  • receiver has no internal batteries
  • receiver set to low power mode (GREIS command: "%%set,/par/pwr/lpm,on")
  • LEDs do not light up when receiver is in low power consumption mode


Last modified: 2019-12-27  16:36:35  America/Denver