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Ashtech Z-12 - How to configure to stream for VSAT

Ashtech Z-12 - How to configure to stream for VSAT

Go through these instructions with a receiver in front of you.

  1. Turn it on in back

  2. Press number "4" on keypad

  3. Press "e"

  4. Navigate with arrow keys. When you press the arrow keys, you will notice that the words in the middle of the screen will highlight and eventually get to the top, where you can change the value of the "INTERVAL". When the cursor is on the numbers in this field, the value of the interval can be changed.

  5. Set "INTERVAL" per PI needs, press "e"

  6. press "e"

  7. Using arrow keys, highlight the port (PORT A, etc) you are using, press "e"

  8. Confirm baudrate. To adjust the value, use the arrow keys to navigate to BAUDRATE and scroll through the values using the "+" and "-" keys.

  9. Using arrow keys, move to REAL TIME (not NEW REAL TIME). Using "+" and "-" set this to "ON".

  10. With "REAL TIME" still highlighted, press "1" on the keypad. This brings up the options menu.

  11. The settings must be as follows (again changing with + and -):

    MBEN on
    PBEN on
    SNAV on
    BINARY format

  12. Other settings should be off. Don’t touch "OUTPUT INTERVAL".

  13. Done.

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