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UNAVCO Resources: GPS Survey Controllers

GPS Survey Controllers


UNAVCO has three types of Trimble survey controllers in our equipment pool. Data from all Trimble survey controllers can be downloaded using the Trimble Data Transfer Utility. For more or updated information on any of the survey controllers or Trimble’s Survey Controller software, go to the Trimble Support Page.

Trimble TSCe survey controller.

Trimble TSCe

Navigate the TSCe via the touchscreen or using the keypad. Data are stored internally.

Trimble TSC1 survey controller.

Trimble TSC1

Navigate the TSC1 using the keypad. Data can be stored internally or on a removable PCMCIA card or a compact flash cared in a PCMCIA adapter. Download data using the Trimble Data Transfer Utility either directly off the removable PCMCIA/CF card or via serial connection to the controller.

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