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Permanent Station Enclosures - Storage Container

Permanent Station Enclosures - Storage Container

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Contico storage case used as an enclosure in the Peatland Bogs network, Minnesota.

Inside of the storage case used in the Peatland Bogs network.

A heavy-duty storage container, such as the Contico Tuff Box, designed for the back of a truck or other outdoor use may work well for an equipment enclosure. They are generally low cost (about $70 for the container shown here, as of February 2009), available in most US cities, rugged, and lockable with padlocks. The case shown here fits four sealed 100 Amphr batteries along with the GPS and communications equipment. These storage containers were used as enclosures in the Peatland Bog, Minnesota network.

Four short lengths of 2x4s distribute the box’s weight to keep it from sinking into the bog.

Parts list for the Peatland Bog network, as shown here:

  • Trimble R7 GPS receiver

  • Trimble R7 DC power cable

  • Intuicom radio modem

  • Intuicom DC power cable

  • GPS antenna cable pigtail

  • GPS antenna cable port (bulkhead connector)

  • radio antenna cable port

  • PV power wires pass-through

  • charge controller

  • communications cable (radio to GPS receiver) with gender changer and null modem adapter

  • plywood sheet

  • sealed 100 Amphr batteries (4, under plywood)

  • small electrical box (mounted to outside of enclosure to protect ports and pass-throughs)


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