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Permanent Station Enclosures - Commercial Electrical Enclosures

Permanent Station Enclosures - Commercial Electrical Enclosures

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Wall mounted enclosure used in Calabria, Italy (site TVRN).

station PTON


NEMA electrical box  used at Princeton University  (site PTON).



NEMA enclosure used at station NGS/CORS station EPRT. Placed on a shelf, not wall mounted.


 NEMA electrical boxes are often sturdy, made of either strong plastic or of metal, and may or may not be weatherproof. Typical price range is about $100-$300.

Parts list for the  NEMA enclosures, as shown here:

  • Septentrio PolaRx5 and Leica  GNSS receivers and cables

  • GNSS antenna cable (pigtail)

  • antenna cable surge protection (EMP)

  • Genius G1100 Intelligent battery charger/tender
  • AC power strip with surge protection (outside of box)

  • Ethernet surge protection

  • RS232 surge protection (for met pack)

  • sealed 18 Ah battery

  • LED voltage indicator

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