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Permanent Station Enclosures - Pelican Case (large)

Permanent Station Enclosures - Pelican Case (large)

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Pelican case enclosure as used in the Rio Grande network, Colorado and New Mexico.

Inside of a Pelican case enclosure as used in the Rio Grande network.

The Pelican case is easily portable, can be used to transport equipment, and is weatherproof. The case shown here, as deployed in the EarthScope-sponsored Rio Grande network, contains 2 100 amphr batteries in addition to the GPS receiver. The case is difficult to destroy and can be locked with padlocks. Cost is approximately $250-$300 (February 2009). Smaller cases are available, and have been used in networks with year-round, reliable sunlight where large battery banks are not required.

To customize the case for the Rio Grande network, UNAVCO drilled holes in the back of the case for the Huber Suhner (for the GPS antenna cable), a PV wire pass-through (pipe elbow), and the lightning sponge.

Parts list for the Rio Grande Rift network, as shown here:

  • Topcon GB-1000 GNSS receiver

  • Topcon GB-1000 DC power cable

  • backpanel with charge regulator

  • GPS antenna cable pigtail

  • Huber Suhner

  • PV wires pass-through

  • lightning sponge

  • grounding (bolt with copper wire)

  • sealed 100 Amphr batteries (2)


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