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Permanent Station Enclosures - JOBOX

Permanent Station Enclosures - JOBOX

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JOBOX enclosure as used in the Rio Grande Rift network, Colorado and New Mexico.

Inside of a JOBOX enclosure as used in the Rio Grande Rift network.

JOBOX chests, made by Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc., are durable, weatherproof metal enclosures that UNAVCO has used in several long-term installations, including the EarthScope-sponsored Rio Grande Rift network. Chests are secured with key locks. The major drawback of the JOBOX is weight; boxes are heavy and cumbersome, thus not ideal for shipping and for transporting by foot over long distances. Cost of the box shown here is approximately $300-400 (as of February 2009).

Parts list for the Rio Grande Rift network, as shown here:

  • Topcon GB-1000 GNSS receiver

  • Topcon GB-1000 DC power cable

  • backpanel with charge regulator

  • GPS antenna cable pigtail

  • Huber Suhner

  • PV wires pass-through

  • lightning sponge

  • grounding (bolt with copper wire)

  • sealed 100 Amphr batteries (4)


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