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How to upgrade to Intuicom firmware Rev. 5.80, 2001

How to upgrade to Intuicom firmware Rev. 5.80, 2001

Firmware 5.80 is for modems with serial number prefixes of 57x, 60x, 9xx. Do not attempt to load it into modems with other prefixes.

To upgrade a radio:

  1. First change the FIFO Receive buffer to 1. To do this Right click on the My Computer Icon,go to "Properties", click on the "Device Manager" Tab, Click on the "Ports (Com & LPT)" option, select the Com port you are connected to by double clicking on it. Select the "Port Settings" Tab, then click the "Advanced" button. This is where you will find the Receive buffer. Note the original settings, slide the bar down to Low (1). Now press the "OK" button to change the settings and to close "Device Manager".

  2. Connect it to the COM1 serial port.

  3. Push the SETUP button on the radio (the front panel LEDs must be green) and run executable file with an appropriate firmware version (it would be Rev577.EXE file for 5.77 firmware version, for example).

  4. Choose the option the pertains to your level of firmware, either option (0) or (1).

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions and select the low speed download.

  6. Don’t touch any keys during the download process (approx. 90 seconds). A hexadecimal counter should appear during the download process indicating download is proceeding correctly.

If the above steps are not followed the radio will fail the download. Check to see if the radio passed download by accessing the setup menu. The version in the radio should be the version that was downloaded. If you now cannot access the setup menu than the radio failed download and must be returned to FreeWave for repair.

Download Intuicom firmware Rev.5.80, 2001


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