UNAVCO standard configuration file for the NetR8

The UNAVCO standard configuration file for the NetR8 is intended for use with firmware version 4.87. Do not use this file with earlier versions. Users should familiarize themselves with the details of the file and make changes according to their intended use.

The configuration file can be uploaded to the receiver using the web interface:

  1. Select Receiver Configuration
  2. Select Application Files
  3. Choose Upload Clone File from the Operation menu.
  4. Select the configuration file that you would like to upload.
  5. Select "Ok"

Note #1: After uploading the configuration file you may then enable/disable additional features with caution through the Receiver Configuration menu. Please refer to the user guide, which is available for download on the NetR8 resource page, for additional information regarding configuration.

Note #2: We used Firmware Version 4.87 to generate this config file.

Note #3: GLONASS hass been excluded as it is not included in the default options purchased by UNAVCO.

UNAVCO Standard Configuration Summary:

Elevation Mask: 0°
PDOP Mask: 99
Horizontal Precision: 0.30 [m]
Vertical Precision: 0.30 [m]
Clock Steering: Enabled
Everest™ Multipath Mitigation: Disabled
Antenna Type: Zephyr Geodetic 2
Antenna Measurement Method: Antenna Phase Center
Antenna Height: 0.000 [m]
1PPS On/Off: Disabled
Event 1 On/Off: Disabled
Event 1 Slope: Positive
External Frequency Available: Disabled
RTK Mode: Low Latency
Motion: Static
CMR Input Filter: Disabled
RTCM 2.x ID: 0
RTCM 3.x ID: 0
Station Name: UNAVCO
Ethernet IP:
DNS Resolved Name: Not Set

Sessions installed with this clone file:


Session Name Sample Rate Duration Enabled Pool File System Path Style Name Style FTP Push Email Push
DEFAULT 15 sec 1440 min No Delete when full 1000 MB (~ 1000 days) Internal YYYYMM/Session ##########YYYYMMDDhhmm No No
a 30 sec 1440 min Yes Delete when full 1000 MB (~2000 days) Internal YYYYMM/Session ##########YYYYMMDDhhmm No No
b 1 sec 60 min No Delete when full 2000 MB (~200 days) Internal YYYYMM/Session ##########YYYYMMDDhhmm No No


GPS L1 - CA Enabled
GPS L2 - Legacy  Enabled
GPS L2 - CS Enabled
GPS L5 Enabled
SBAS L1 - C/A Disabled
SBAS L5 Disabled
GLONASS L1 - C/A Disabled
GLONASS L1 - P Disabled
GLONASS L2 - C/A(M) Disabled
GLONASS L2 - P Disabled




Network Configuration


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Created: June 26, 2015
Last Updated: August 12, 2016
Author: Henry Berglund

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