Critical! Trimble NetR9 FW 4.41 and 4.43 Addendum

If you upgrade a Trimble NetR9 receiver from a firmware version number < 4.41 to a firmware version number 4.41 -> 4.43, then your receiver may not reboot automatically. The voltage supplied to the receiver must be > 15 V for the receiver to automatically power up after applying the firmware update. If the voltage supplied to the receiver is < 15 V, then the receiver will not power up automatically and will require an operator to press the power button.

The Trimble NetR8 model is not affected by this behavior.


THIS HAS BEEN FIXED in v4.46 and later versions.  Please use the latest version of the firmware to avoid potential problems.



The following notification was placed on under the respective v4.41, v4.42 and v4.43 firmware download pages:


Name        : NetR9
Summary     : Trimble NetR9 Full Firmware Package (NetR9_v44x.timg), versions 4.41/4.42/4.43
Versions    : 4.41/4.42/4.43
Trimble NetR9 Firmware Versions 4.41/4.42/4.43 Addendum
This is an addendum to the Trimble NetR9 firmware Release Notes for versions 4.41, 4.42, and 4.43.
The above referenced released versions contain enhancements to power control routines.  As a result,
the default power-on value will reset to 15V after a firmware upgrade.  These releases are not
recommended to be installed remotely for any systems operating on less than 15V power.  They can be
safely installed locally at the receiver, but will require a manual power-on of the receiver after
the firmware upgrade is complete if 12V DC power is used at the site.
Note that this only affects receivers which are:
- using a power source less than 15V, and
- running a firmware version less than v4.4x and being upgraded to one of the above noted versions
All other units using an AC power adapter or power sources greater than 15V will accept the firmware
remotely with no user interaction.

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Created: May 18, 2012
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