How to access Trimble NetR9 through USB

In addition to the directions outlined below, USB mode information for the NetR9 can also be found at the following link:

Installing the USB driver on your PC:

  1. Connect the USB port from your computer to the USB port on the NetR9 receiver.
  2. There will be a request for a new driver from the PC.
  3. Find the *.inf file located in the compressed folder named USB, which can be downloaded here.
  4. Right click and select the install option.
  5. If the PC displays an error dialog box looking for "USBSER.SYS", look in the following directory.
  6. For Windows XP, the file is normally located in c:/windows/system32/drivers.
  7. For later versions of Windows, it could be in a different place, so a search is encouraged.
  8. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is required for this feature to work on the NetR9 receiver.

Windows Media Player may be required for the Filesystem interface over USB:

  1. The Filesystem Interface over USB uses the MTP protocol and is supported by the Windows XP and Vista.
  2. However, if you are using Windows XP, you will need to install Windows Media Player Version 11.
  3. After the installation the MTP device will automatically be detected and will not require the .inf file.


Some PC systems may have an incorrectly installed Windows driver. This has been observed on several occasions…here are some suggestions to correct the PC driver for access to the Trimble NetR9 receiver through USB.

If the Window Explore folder is visible and selected, is the "Trimble Storage" detected as an icon?

If yes, good, click on the icon and you should be able to see the internal file on the receiver.

If no, then the driver overwrite did not work correctly. Follow the following steps to remove the erroneous driver from your PC.

  1. Go to : Control Panel->System-> go to Tab:Hardware --> Select "Device Driver" --> MTDF (right click--"UNINSTALL")
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the PC
  3. Wait a 1-2 minutes (literally minutes)
  4. Connect the USB cable (Receiver is on the other end of cable)
  5. Driver will be installed at this time and the connection with the "window Explore folder" will be available
  6. Follow this path and verify the "Trimble Storage" is now available.

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