Trimble NetR5, NetR8, and NetR9 Receivers: Hint for Using Web Interface With Slow Connection

When using the web interface over a slow or latent ethernet or PPP connection, NetR5, NetR8, and NetR9 pages have been reported to load incompletely or function improperly.  In some of these cases the use of "Private Browsing" in your web browser applications (e.g. Firefox, Safari, etc.) may help.  These settings disable caching and should help when JavaScript-based buttons do not function, frames do not properly load, or unwanted redirects to the main page occur. 

Private Browsing settings are found in different places on each browser application; consult built-in "Help" menu for instructions.

Article ID: 710
Created: April 29, 2011
Last Updated: November 23, 2015
Author: Freddy Blume

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